Stonespire Search Process

Our Stonespire Search Process enables our client’s to build world-class leadership teams.


We conduct a series of meetings with you to understand the position’s scope, duties, responsibilities, education, experience, competencies, and desired leadership behaviors. We also have in-depth dialogue about your business strategies, culture, and brand to ensure an effective search.

Search Execution

Our search team conducts an in depth search of talented candidates by leveraging our contacts, database, and state of the art technology. Our strength is finding passive or hidden candidates. We thoroughly assess each candidate for technical experience, educational requirements, reasons for change, commitment to relocation, and cultural match. In addition, we utilize a comprehensive interview approach to provide insight into the core competencies and leadership behaviors you need for your team.

Candidate Presentation

We provide you with candidate profiles on only the best qualified candidates that have been fully screened. Personal interviews are scheduled with you and key members of your team. We then schedule debriefing sessions with you and the candidate.


We assist you with developing a competitive compensations package. We present offers of employment and facilitate negotiations between clients and candidates to ensure successful outcome. At the client’s request, Stonespire will also conduct formal reference checks and provide data to clients. We guide the candidate through the resignation process and develop a strategy for a successful transition.


Stonespire will remain in contact with you and the candidate to monitor the success of the placement.